The Benefits of Commode Chairs

Here at Assurance Mobility, we believed that accessibility should be simple and effective which is why we stock a variety of high-quality daily living assistance tools that can be utilised by a wide range of clients in order to improve the ease of day-to-day activities. After all, going to the bathroom is something that many people tend to take for granted! A commode is a piece of furniture that dates back to the 18th century which contains a hidden chamber pot. Read on as we go over some of the benefits that this accessibility tool can provide…


Although the majority of people are able to use the bathroom as nature intended, it can be considered a safety risk for many members of society who are suffering from a disability. As a result, a commode can provide a reliable yet discreet solution in the comfort of one’s own home whilst allowing users to retain their independence. In fact, the commode chair is a popular piece of equipment in hospitals as they are often utilised after surgery in order to prevent patients tearing their stitches.


Many people prefer to put the worries of old-age to the back of their mind but the reality is that a disability can affect people of any age, gender and race. The commode chair is a simple yet specialised accessibility tool that is disguised as a regular piece of furniture in order to allow users to maintain their dignity. After all, there is nothing wrong with accepting help in all its forms, especially when refusal to do can turn into a safety hazard.


The design of a commode chair can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer; however, it is safe to say that affordability always plays a factor in the final product. After all, it is unfair for the disabled community to pay extortionate prices for an accessibility tool that they cannot live without. Luckily, the market is inundated with choice which means that there is an option available for every budget, no matter how small.

As the number of people with reduced mobility that wish to remain inside their home continues to increase, it is important that accessibility tools like the commode are seen as a favourable option. After all, bathroom talk is often cited as a no-go in society but is a daily concern for the disabled community. To find out more information about our wheelchairs, commodes and other accessibility tools, get in contact with a member of the Assurance Mobility team today!