3 Common Issues Wheelchair Users Face

Here at Assurance Mobility, we want to use our blogging platform to raise awareness about the challenges that the disabled community tend to face, especially when it comes to those who rely on a wheelchair to navigate the world and retain their independence. After all, elevators and ramps are rarer than people tend to realise. Read on as we go over three common issues that wheelchair users often face on a day to day basis…

Lack of Accessibility

Although public establishments like pubs and clubs are legally obliged to make necessary changes to their building in order to ensure that wheelchair users can safely navigate the space, research suggests that at least 25% of these businesses do not have a reliable and functioning elevator or ramp in place and this makes a lot of day-to-day activities impossible for wheelchair users. Plus, it also sends the wrong message to the disabled community as able-bodied people continue to be prioritised.

The Attitude of Society

There are dozens of different reasons why a person may require a wheelchair, however there is common misconception amongst society that such individuals are ‘inspiring’ and to be admired for their courage. Whilst it is true that many wheelchair users have managed to excel despite the odds, some often feel patronised by this ideology. After all, it is not uncommon for members of the public to push the chair of a wheelchair user without being asked to do so. This can actually put the user in danger, even if the member of the public has the best of intentions at heart.

Expensive Mobility Tools

Since at least 50% of wheelchair users rely on their chair on a daily basis, it is important that a high-quality and reliable one is purchased. With this said, some suppliers take advantage of this basic necessity and will charge customers extortionate prices in order to obtain a profit. Luckily, all of our prices here at Assurance Mobility are created with affordability and the needs of our clients in mind.

Getting from one place to another is something that able-bodied people tend not to think about unless they are travelling to a new city but remains an everyday challenge for those who use a wheelchair. After all, it is important that bars, shopping centres and train stations have a functioning lift or ramp in place. To find out more information about wheelchair accessibility or to check out our range of wheelchairs, get in contact with a member of the Assurance Mobility team today!