Wheelchair accessories to improve comfort

There are catalogues full of available wheelchairs accessories out there for you to choose from, but not all of them will be right for you. Each of them can make life in a wheelchair easier in different aspects; some will improve comfort, others will increase your mobility and some can even boost your independence.


The accessories you choose for your chair must fit your lifestyle and not impede your day-to-day activities. So your first accessories should be those that improve your daily routine of going to work, school, gym, socialising, etc.


Here are a few of the best wheelchair accessories that can help improve your comfort and mobility:


  1. Cushions


Most wheelchairs are now ergonomically designed to be as comfortable as they have ever been but everyone’s’ body shape is different so you may want to invest in a cushion. Pressure-relief cushions are best as they provide posture stability and distribute pressure evenly.


  1. Backrests


Backrests are an essential piece of wheelchair accessory that helps users maintain an upright, stable and ergonomic posture. Not only does this make users more comfortable, it also ensures they remain free from any pain that bad posture causes and avoids the development of other muscular ailments.


  1. LED Lights


These are similar to the LED lights you may find on a bicycle and function in a similar way too. They are there to help you be more visible in low visibility, at night or in dark places. Most lights come in packs with white lights for the front of the chair and red for the rear and can be changed between fixed or blinking positions.


  1. Gloves


Self-propelled wheelchairs can be tough on the hands so it is wise to purchase a pair of durable gloves that can help make your hands more comfortable. There are now many types of wheelchair specific gloves, designed for the sole purpose of propelling a wheelchair and there are also different types for different seasons.