How to make your home more wheelchair friendly

Life in a wheelchair throws up a number of obstacles, unfortunately some of these obstacles are found in the home. It’s no surprise that if you need a wheelchair you will also need to make some changes to your home to make life manageable.


Some of these changes are major alterations to your house but there are some smaller changes that you can make to ensure that living in a wheelchair is more comfortable:




Wheelchair users are no longer confined to their home, they can go about their business and enjoy a full life. But to do this they need to be able to get in and out of their own home. This means that the entrance to your home needs to be accessible by making doorways wide enough for chairs and that ramps are installed to allow smooth access.




A lot of kitchen surfaces and cabinets may need to be lowered for those in a wheelchair to be able to easily access the things they need; this way wheelchair users can still prepare food and easily access the sink to do the washing up without needing someone else to assist them.




The bathroom can be a dangerous place for those attempting to transfer from a chair to a toilet seat or to a bathtub because of slippery surfaces and the general layout of a common bathroom. Installation of m bars and non-slip surfaces are the first step to making life easier for wheelchair users. But there are also specialised baths and showers available that can fit wheelchairs inside them.


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