Bedroom aids to assist mobility

Each separate room of a house poses unique obstacles to wheelchair users; whether it is trying to cook in the kitchen, relaxing in the living room or sleeping at night in the bedroom, it is important that mobility aids are created that can help those with mobility issues live as comfortably as possible.

One important room of the house is the bedroom. Without a good nights rest no one can operate to the best of their abilities. These are some of the most important bedroom aids available to help wheelchair users become more comfortable and have greater access to, and in, their bedrooms:

Adjustable overhead table

Those with mobility issues may have to spend more time in bed than the average person, but that doesn’t mean they should not be able to get on with what they need to do. Most tables are not at a useful height to use wen in bed. You need a table that is high enough and had enough overhang to be accessible from the bed. The U-shaped legs on the adjustable overhead table allow it to reach easily over a divan style bed as well as chairs and armchairs.

Bed Backrest with cushion

Wheelchair users and those with mobility issues can struggle to get comfortable in bed, especially when sat up. This backrest has five different settings making it easier for users to get comfortable and receive additional back support to make them feel more comfortable and avoid aches and pains.

Furniture Raisers

These simple accessories are placed under the legs of furniture to raise them to a higher level. This makes entering and exiting, sofas, armchairs and beds much easier for those with mobility issues. The extra wide top on the raisers ensures they provide the right type of support so that furniture won’t move when used.

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