Everyday common problems facing wheelchair users

A lot of the most common problems that wheelchair users face in everyday life are now well addressed when it comes to building and town planning, public transport and working facilities. But there is still much more to be done.

Typical problems used to surround small corridors in buildings, inaccessible car parking, and lack of disabled access to a lot of shopping centres and recreational facilities.

There was also huge problems with a lack of elevators and ramp access to a lot of buildings that are still being addressed to this day. Even something that seems as trivial as uneven pavements can be challenging and time consuming for wheelchair users.

Aside from these most notable problems that wheelchair users face there are also some more hidden problems that you may not usually think of.

There are problems that users have with simply sitting in a wheelchair; if you have ever sat in one position for long periods of time, say at a conference or meeting, or on a long haul flight where you can’t get up and stretch your legs, you will understand how uncomfortable it can be. The same applies to wheelchair users. Pressure sores and cramps are a common problem for wheelchair users which is something that wheelchair designers are constantly trying to improve upon with more ergonomic shapes and even customised wheelchair configurations to make them as comfortable as possible.

There are some everyday problems which may seem mundane but all of which contribute to making wheelchair use a stressful burden at times. Something as small as getting their dirty hands from maneuvering a manual wheelchair can pose problems. Especially when they then need to go wash their hands in a bathroom where sinks, mirrors and hand dryers aren’t properly set up for their height.