Essential mobility products

For some people a wheelchair is an everyday part of life and an essential mobility tool that allows them to get around and live a normal life.


Sometimes, though, a wheelchair alone is not enough. Life in a wheelchair throws up a lot of obstacles, whether access issues on certain buildings, difficulties with using public transport, even problems within their own home arise that require specialised equipment in order to conquer.


These are a few mobility products that are essential to the everyday living of someone with mobility issues:


Backpack scooter bag


Being in a wheelchair means your hands are kept quite busy, especially if you use a manual wheelchair. With your hands preoccupied with steering and traversal how are you expected to carry anything like your shopping, work documents, books etc.?


With a backpack scooter bag, you can carry all your items with convenience. Unlike other backpacks, this specialised bag hangs on the back of the wheelchair without slipping off and can be easily accessed by the wheelchair user.


Car Caddie


Entering and exiting vehicles can be difficult for wheelchair users, especially when they are not assisted. To help make the whole process easier requires just one small tool, a car caddie. This straps around the op of the window frame and supplies the user with a cushioned ergonomic grip to help take their weight and make entering and exiting the vehicle much easier.


Threshold ramp


Larger ramps will be fixed in place to provide wheelchair users with access to their homes unless they have a ramp built into their property. If their current home is retrofitted to accommodate a wheelchair or they are visiting family members of friends then threshold ramps can be a useful tool in allowing access through certain wooden and UPVC door thresholds. They are a lightweight mobility product that allow doors to open and close freely when the ramp is in place.