Busting the Wheelchair Myths

Although just 1.8% of the UK population consider themselves to be a regular wheelchair user, it is important that society adapts to the needs of those who require a set of wheels to get from A to B. After all, staircases, tight corridors and a lack of height appropriate alterations are particular features that able-bodied people tend not to second-guess, however they can make life incredibly difficult for people that rely on a wheelchair. Read on as the team here at Assurance Mobility bust some of the biggest myths that people tend to have about wheelchairs…

Are wheelchairs expensive to buy and maintain?

Many people prefer to see a wheelchair as an investment for the future because they can last for several years when they are regularly maintained. With this said, there is still a common misconception that they are incredibly expensive, however the wide range of different chairs that are available on the market means that the price can differ considerably from design to design. Luckily, this variety means that there is a chair out there for the needs of every client and their budget.

Are people who use a wheelchair unable to walk?

There is a common misconception that every wheelchair user has some kind of paralysis that prevents them from walking. In reality, there are dozens of different conditions that may make a person use a wheelchair from time to time such as multiple sclerosis, amputation, scoliosis and even arthritis. It is important to reserve judgement when someone stands-up after using a wheelchair as they are simply a mobility aid and are not used only by those with a complete inability to walk.

Do wheelchair users always require help from strangers?

Although it may be done with the best intentions, many able-bodied people will provide assistance to wheelchair users when they haven’t been asked to do so. After all, many people still see a disability as an inability. It is important that wheelchair users are able to retain their independence by being provided with ramps, lifts and other tools to navigate society like everybody else, and that able-bodied people try not to interfere unless they have been asked to.

Here at Assurance Mobility, we want to use our blogging platform in order to educate the readers that may not understand what life is like for those who live with a disability. After all, not every wheelchair use is paralysed from the waist down. In order to find out more information about our range of self-propelled and motor-driven chairs, or get in contact with the best wheelchairs Oldham has to offer and speak to a member of the Assurance Mobility team today!