How to Safely Disinfect Your Wheelchair

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage on, cleanliness has never been more important in order to prevent the spread of germs. After all, those with certain disabilities are more at risk of contracting the virus. Since wheelchair users come into constant contact with their chair when outdoors, it may be wise to get into a regular habit of cleaning and disinfecting every evening. Read on as we over a few top tips…

Cleaning vs Disinfecting

Many people are unaware that cleaning and disinfecting are two very different things. After all, the former removes dirt such a dust from surfaces but it doesn’t kill any germs. Of course, this will decrease the number of germs and help reduce the spread of any viruses, however it is disinfection that actually kills the microorganisms that cause both infections and viruses. This is carried out through the use of chemical products. Similarly, disinfecting doesn’t provide a cleaning approach, however it does reduce the number of germs that are lingering on a surface at any given time.

Top Tips

Wheelchairs are a carrier for germs because they are in contact with the outside world at all times, and the user has to touch their chair in order to manoeuvre it. As a result, users should ensure that they disinfect their wheelchair after each outdoor adventure in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This can be done by using a disinfectant solution that contains at least 70% alcohol; users should leave it on the surface for around 15 minutes for wiping it away with a cloth. When disinfecting, it is important to pay close attention to the wheels on self-propelled chairs and the joystick on electric chairs.

Thing to Avoid

Although the majority of products are safe to use on a wheelchair, there are certain ingredients that should be avoided. For example, solvents, bleaches, abrasives, synthetic detergents, wax enamels, and sprays should not be used on a wheelchair because they will likely cause lasting damage to its exterior. In addition to this, water should be used carefully around electric wheelchairs in order to prevent damage to the motor, and every chair should be dried thoroughly after it has been disinfected in order to ensure safety at all times.

Here at Assurance Mobility, we prioritise the safety of our clients at every opportunity. In fact, our wheelchairs are designed and manufactured with the very best attention to detail as we know how important quality and durability are when investing in a mobility aid. To find out more information about COVID-19 safety and how to disinfect your wheelchair, get in contact with the best wheelchairs Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the Assurance Mobility team today!