3 Paralympic Athletes Who Use a Wheelchair

Here at Assurance Mobility, we believe that a wheelchair does not limit the abilities of the user. After all, they are merely a mobility aid in order to provide extra assistance for those with a disability or walking impairment. In fact, there are dozens of well-known athletes that use a wheelchair who have gone on to win gold medals at the Paralympics which only goes to show just how able wheelchair users are. Read on as we go over the top three…

David Wier

As a six-time gold medal winner, David Weir CBE is a British Paralympic athlete that competed in the 2008 and 2012 Paralympic games and has managed to win the London Marathon on eight separate occasions. He was born with a congenital spinal cord transection that left him unable to use his legs and was a talented wheelchair athlete as a child. It was the lack of wheelchair-friendly sporting activities at school that led Weir to develop a skill for wheelchair racing which kick-started his career.

Tatyana McFadden

Russian-American Paralympic athlete Tatyana McFadden competed in the T54 category and has 17 Paralympic medals to her name which she has won at several summer games over the years. She was born with Spina Bifida, a congenital disorder that left her paralysed from the waist down. McFadden was adopted from an orphanage by Deborah McFadden, the U.S Commissioner of Disabilities, and took up a variety of sports throughout her childhood. In fact, she has been racing since the age of eight.

Esther Vergeer

With 48 Grand Slam tournaments, 23 year-end championships and 7 Paralympic titles under her belt, Dutch athlete Esther Verger is a force to be reckoned with. She was the number one wheelchair tennis player from 1999 until she retired from the sport in 2013, and has won a staggering 695 singles matches throughout her career. At the age of 6, Vergeer fell unconscious during a swimming lesson and the doctors discovered that she had vascular myelopathy around her spinal cord. After two operations, she was left paralysed from the waist down and had to relearn to play volleyball, basketball and tennis in a wheelchair.

It is important to remember that a wheelchair does not prevent a user from living a regular life just like everybody else. The Assurance Mobility team strive to provide our customers with a reliable and high-quality chair in order to assist their needs when and where appropriate. For all your wheelchairs Manchester needs, get in contact with a member of the Assurance Mobility team today!