Everyday Items Adapted for Wheelchair Users

Here at Assurance Mobility, we recognise the importance of our mobility aids and how essential they are to the lives of our customers. After all, many wheelchair owners are reliant on a set of wheels in order to get from A to B in a safe yet independent manner. Society is even doing its part in order to ensure that wheelchair users are able to navigate busy city streets solo as there are a variety of everyday items that have been adapted specifically for the wheelchair market.

Tables / Desks

Since many wheelchair users do not need a separate seat to sit at a table or desk, it is important that the height of these items can be adjusted according to their needs. After all, every wheelchair will differ in terms of size and shape which is why many users tend to opt for specialised desks in order to create a comfortable working environment.

Public Transport

Wheelchairs are much bigger than people tend to realise and that is why public transport like buses and trains have designated areas specifically for wheelchair users. These disability-friendly zones prevent able-bodied people from taking up valuable space when standing up as they are required to move when a wheelchair user gets on board. In addition to this, there are also specialised seats on trains that have a table mounted in the air where wheelchair users can sit without having to get in and out of their chair.


Every parent wants to feel the joy of pushing their child in a pram, however, the majority of designs are manufactured with able-bodied people in mind, which means that the handles are often too high for wheelchair users. Wheelchair-adapted prams are adjusted in order to allow users to attach their chair to the pram so that they can safely manoeuvre independently with their child just like everybody else.

Although society has a lot of catching up to do in terms of accessibility, it is safe to say that we are heading in the right direction. After all, the Equality Act 2010 made the implementation of ramps and wheelchair lifts a compulsory feature in public buildings like shopping centres and pubs. With this said, the attitude towards wheelchair users isn’t always positive as it should be with able-bodied people still standing in wheelchair designated seating sometimes. For all your wheelchairs Oldham needs, get in contact with a member of the Assurance Mobility team today!