Daily Living Aids Explained

Daily Living Aids - Man in a wheelchair ironing whilst talking on his mobile phone

Daily Living Aids are specialised products which are designed to help people living with reduced mobility to perform their ADL and everyday tasks.

Activities Of Daily Living (ADL) are the normal routine things we all do as part of our daily lives, things such as:

  • Getting in and out of bed
  • Washing
  • Putting on our clothes
  • Cooking
  • Drinking
  • Eating
  • Cleaning the house

Daily living aids are tools that can help anyone who is having difficulty with their normal day to day activities. Activities Of Daily Living are things that we tend to learn when we are very young, they become part of our routine and are often performed automatically without any conscious thought needed. Unfortunately there can be a change in our situation that makes these once easy to complete tasks very difficult; where once getting out of bed and going to make breakfast was an easy chore, it is now a difficult process; this is where daily living aids can be of use.

Daily Living Aids - Man cleaning a kitchen worktop with a cloth

Conditions That Require Daily Living Aids

Whilst some of the conditions that require daily living aids are due to an onset of old age, disease or accident, there are many people who have been living with conditions that have an affect on their ADL all their lives.

Here is an example of some daily living aids and the conditions they are most suited to helping:


List of a selection of Daily Living Aids


Chunky Cutlery Ideal for anyone with limited hand mobility or poor grip: Arthritis, stroke, Dementia
Handybar Helps Limited mobility people when getting in and out of a car seat.
Uccello Doesn’t need to be lifted, ideal for preventing spills or burns. Great for people with Parkinson’s.
Free standing patient helper Helps anyone who has difficulty sitting up in bed, of particular benefit to people living with cerebral palsy or a stroke.
Lifemax High Vision Lamp Lifemax High Vision Lamp – Helps with poor sight, concentration on small intricate tasks.

There is no definitive list of conditions that can affect a person’s ADL, but it can be broken down to simply ‘do you find it difficult to perform day to day tasks?’’ If the answer is ‘yes’ then you may require help with your activities of daily living.

Types Of Daily Living Aids

Daily living aids range from easy grip gardening aids, commodes, grab rails for stability to kitchen and dining aids.

There are many different types of aids that can help you perform your daily living tasks. You know best what problems you are having on a day to day basis – give us a call today, we are more than happy to discuss your situation and advise you on the best product for your needs.

Outdoor daily living products

Are you an outdoor kind of person? Getting out and about is great for getting your dose of fresh air and blowing the cobwebs away. From nipping into town to getting out in the garden, we have some things that will make your time outside just a little bit easier.

Sensory Aids

We have a selection of sensory aids that can help you wind down when calm and relaxation is needed most. From warming products to sound dials and lullaby star cubes. For those living with a visual impairment we have high vision lamps and talking atomic watches.

Blue Badge Company Mini Hot Water Bottle

£11.99 inc VAT - £11.99 exc VAT

Blue Badge Company Wheat Warmers

£21.59 £20.15 inc VAT - £16.79 exc VAT

Car Seat Heat & Back Massager

£71.99 inc VAT - £59.99 exc VAT

Infrared Neck Massager

£28.79 inc VAT - £23.99 exc VAT

Lifemax 24W Replacement Bulb for 250 Series 250A

£14.10 inc VAT - £11.75 exc VAT

Lifemax FAR Infrared Heated Lap Blanket

£39.59 inc VAT - £32.99 exc VAT

Lifemax High Vision Floor Lamp


Lifemax High Vision Table Lamp


Lifemax LED HD Reading Floor Lamp


Lifemax LED HD Reading Table Lamp


Lifemax Light Projection Humidifier

£38.39 inc VAT - £31.99 exc VAT

Lifemax Lullaby Star Cube

£29.99 inc VAT - £24.99 exc VAT

Lifemax Socket Adapter

£9.59 inc VAT - £7.99 exc VAT

Lifemax Soothing Sounds Dial

£28.79 inc VAT - £23.99 exc VAT

Lifemax Talking Atomic Digital Watch

£35.99 inc VAT - £29.99 exc VAT

Lifemax Talking Atomic Watch With Expanding Bracelet

£83.99 inc VAT - £69.99 exc VAT

Lifemax Talking Atomic Watch With Leather Bracelet

£71.99 inc VAT - £59.99 exc VAT

Lifemax Talking Big Digit Atomic Watch

£17.99 inc VAT - £14.99 exc VAT

Lifemax Volcano Aromatherapy Humidifier

£31.19 inc VAT - £25.99 exc VAT

Plug Through Night Light

£15.59 inc VAT - £12.99 exc VAT

Grab Rails

Sometimes a little stability is needed, whether it is some help getting out of a chair or a little assistance getting in and out of your vehicle. Here at Assurance Mobility we have some things that can give you support you need when you need it.

Daily Living Aids For Dining and Kitchen

Working in the kitchen can be more of a chore than it needs to be. We have a range of products that can definitely help. When things are out of reach or hard to hold on to, we have some solutions that might make your cooking and eating experience more enjoyable.

We Are Here To Help With Your Activities Of Daily Living

Call us today and let’s talk through any daily living problems you might be having. We chat to customers every day and we are happy to help. Sometimes the answer to your problem is not always obvious until you chat with someone about it, and we have a wealth of experience working with our customers to find the best solutions that fit their needs.