Overbed table with a swivel tray on a white background

Overbed Table

An overbed table, or bed tables as they are sometimes called, are bed tables with wheels that can be slid over the users legs as they sit up, allowing them to eat or use a laptop computer comfortably. A bedside tray table is height adjustable and can accommodate all standard bed sizes.

If you are looking for over bed desks then take a look at tables that swivel; these tables allow you to angle your book, writing paper or laptop computer into a more user friendly position.

Over bed tables are such a great quality of life improvement that we recommend them to anyone who has to spend long periods in bed due to illness or mobility issues.

Over Chair Table

An Over chair table can be positioned over the armrests of a chair and close enough to the user so they can comfortably reach plates, books and mobile computers. An over chair table is ideal for anyone who is living with mobility issues. No need to struggle to get to the dining table when the dining table can come to you!

We have a good selection of ‘over tables’, give us a call any time on 0161 639 0104 if you would like to chat about which table would best suit your situation.

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