Travel scooter finished in a bronze colour on a white background

Travel Scooters

Travel scooters are the lightest of the class 2 mobility scooter range. Travel scooters are known for being the ‘go anywhere’ scooters. They are light and have a small form factor that is not much bigger than a person walking, which means that they can easily get into scooter friendly buildings and shops. They are made to be nimble and easy to maneuver, a true walking replacement that can give someone living with a walking disability the true freedom to go anywhere they like. Our exciting range of scooters come in many different styles, with many different features. Unsure which scooter is best for you? Give us a call anytime for a chat and some friendly advice on 0161-639-0104.

Portable Mobility Scooters

Sometimes called portable mobility scooters, travel scooters offer some great benefits for anyone who is wanting to get out and about. They are lightweight and easy to store. Many of these class 2 scooters are foldable which makes them ideal bundling into the back of a car for trips out. Their folding design also enables them to be taken onto buses, trains and plains, giving you the ultimate freedom to go anywhere, even far flung places across the globe!

Good To Know Info About Travel Scooters

As travel scooters are class 2, they do not need to be registered with DVLA as they are not allowed to be driven along the road (though you may cross the road with your travel scooter). Along with no DVLA requirement, there is no need for road insurance and there is no starting age limit as there is with class 3 scooters.

Travel scooters have excellent range with some being able to travel 14 miles before needing to be charged (or have their battery swapped out for a spare). These scooters have a great carrying capacity of up to 19 stones; check individual scooters for their exact bearing weight or give us a call anytime on 0161-639-0104.

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