black power chair - electric wheelchair with red accents on a white background

Power Chairs

Powered chairs are wheelchairs that are driven by an electric motor, allowed to travel on pavement and have a max speed of 4mph.

For someone living with reduced mobility, a power chair (sometimes known as an electric wheelchair) gives not only freedom, but also independence as they are able to get out and about and not have to rely on the aid of an extra person to help push their chair. Our power chairs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are very easy to control. If you are thinking you would like to go further afield in your chair, one of our power chairs may just be the ideal solution. Got questions or need advice - call us anytime on 0161-639-0104, we love connecting with our customers and we are always happy to help.

Power Chairs Travel Distance and speed

An average power chair can travel between 10 to 19 miles on single charge depending on the make and model of the chair. Power chairs get their locomotion from an electric motor that is fed by a battery. Batteries can be swapped out for spares if needed on extended trips out. Power chairs are a class 2 vehicle and are limited to 4 mph. They are ideal and legal for pavement use but cannot be used on the road.

Power Chairs Weight Capacity

Our power chairs have a weight capacity of between 18 - 21 stone depending on make and model. All of our chairs are built to the highest possible standard and go through rigorous testing for both weight capacity and comfort so we know you will really enjoy your time when you are out and about in your chair.

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