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Folding Scooter (Flex) Charging Station 24v(SEO)

Have a spare battery or want to charge off board? This charging station will allow you to charge the battery without the need for it to be in the scooter
Have a spare battery or want to charge off board? This charging station will allow you to charge the battery without the need for it to be in the scooter
the battery without the need for it to be in the scooter

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24v Flex Mobility Scooter Charger


Battery Available Separately – Click Here

flex 24 volt battery charger

Assurance Mobility Says
“Hi there!OK, so some of my thoughts on the Flex Charging Station…
This charger is small enough to not clutter up your house and powerful enough to charge your batteries overnight. I’d recommend this to anyone who has the Flex batteries, it’s a must have item – You’ll use it every day. One tip I would like to share is buy two batteries if possible, then if you’re caught short you have a backup ready to go.We’re finding more and more that people are concerned with safety – especially with batteries as there have been some real horror stories online recently. Fear not! All our chargers and batteries comply with strict European safety standards, the charger can’t overcharge your battery as it is clever enough to know when your battery is full, and it automatically stops charging.
Thanks, and take care!” Gemma – Co Founder of Assurance Mobility

A docking station for charging your Flex batteries – off board
This fantastic charger is suibtable for use with our Folding Scooter Spare Battery and will give you peace of mind knowing that your Scooter is always powered up and ready to go!

Charging Your Mobility Scooter is easy!

The benefits of a good Motorised Mobility Scooter are numerous, it gives you freedom and removes the need for a helper. Your independence is guaranteed, popping to the shops, seeing friends or simply getting some fresh air is easy with an electric Scooter.

To ensure you maintain this freedom it’s therefore essential to keep the power in your Mobility Scooter’s Battery topped up and in good health.

How Do You Know When Your Mobility Scooter Batteries Need A Recharge?

Mobility Scooter Battery Level GaugeUsually your mobility scooter will have a battery indicator.
Green is Good – Red is Low. Be sure to look for this on the main controls of your scooter.

Battery level indicators can take various forms, from needle gauges like the one pictured to LED level indicators, but they all tend to use the same Traffic Light System.

When To Your Charge Your Scooter’s Battery

Charge your battery daily, it’s usually best to leave it on charge overnight so it’s more convenient.
You can put your battery on charge and forget about it these days – Chargers will stop when your battery is fully topped up automatically.
You should only use specified batteries with your charger, we recommend our Folding Scooter Spare Battery for this charging device

Battery Charging Guidelines

Try let your Scooter Battery fully discharge, it’s better for the health of the battery if it is ‘topped up’ daily
Never use battery chargers designed for cars, this will damage your battery
Don’t leave your batteries in a low charge state for a long time, keep it topped up to prolong the life of the battery

Charging a mobility wheelchair

Free Yourself From The Plug Socket With Our Flex Charging Dock

How To Store Your Battery And Maintenance

Be sure never to let metal objects touch the terminals of your battery – This can cause an electrical short and possibly fire
Batteries contain harmful materials, never take one apart and please wash your hands after handling
Store and charge your battery in a dry, cool place with plenty of ventilation
Dispose of any old batteries at your local waste recycling centre, never in your household bins – Most batteries are recyclable

Battery not included (available separately)


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