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Mobility Scooter Accessories

Mobility Scooter Accessories are attachments and products that enhance your mobility scooter. Our mobility scooter accessories range from backpack bags to boot hoists; no matter what your needs, we can help.
We sell mobility scooter accessories UK wide with Free UK delivery & VAT relief.

2 Inch Gel Seat Cushion by Drive DeVilbiss – DUE SOON

£34.99 exc VAT / £41.99 inc

3 Inch Gel Seat Cushion by Drive DeVilbiss

£39.99 exc VAT / £47.99 inc

4″ Gel Wheelchair Seat Cushion by Drive DeVilbiss DUE SOON

£39.99 exc VAT / £47.99 inc

AutoChair Car Boot Hoist

Drive DeVilbiss Threshold Door Ramp – 60cm

£74.99 exc VAT / £89.99 inc

eFOLDi 1.5 FarReach 24V 12AH Li-ion Battery

£595.99 exc VAT / £715.19 inc

eFOLDi 1.5 Scooter Charger 2 Amp

£158.99 exc VAT / £190.79 inc

eFOLDi 1.5 Scooter Fast Charger 5 Amp

£198.99 exc VAT / £238.79 inc

eFOLDi Comfort Cushion for 1.5mk & Lite

£58.99 exc VAT / £70.79 inc

eFOLDi Lite 24V 10AH Li-ion Battery

£595.99 exc VAT / £715.19 inc

eFOLDi Lite Handle Bar Storage Case

£24.99 exc VAT / £29.99 inc

eFOLDi Lite Scooter Charger 2 Amp

£158.99 exc VAT / £190.79 inc

eFOLDi Lite Scooter Fast Charger 5 Amp

£198.99 exc VAT / £238.79 inc

eFOLDi Lite Tiller Cover

£22.99 exc VAT / £27.59 inc

eFOLDi MK1.5 Foot Peg Extension Bars

£25.99 exc VAT / £31.19 inc

eFOLDi Scooter Travel Protection Bag

£194.99 exc VAT / £233.99 inc

Flex Folding Scooter Battery Bag With Strap

£84.99 exc VAT / £101.99 inc

Flex Folding Scooter Charging Station

£84.99 exc VAT / £101.99 inc

Flex Folding Scooter Pair of Keys

£19.99 exc VAT / £23.99 inc

Flex Folding Scooter Spare Battery-DUE MID JULY

£449.99 exc VAT / £539.99 inc

Folding Scooter (HW009 & HW008) Spare Battery – DUE IN MID JULY

£399.99 exc VAT / £479.99 inc

Harley 2-Way Sculptured Support Cushion


Harley Sculptured Support Cushion


In Car Scooter Trickle Charger 1.5 Amp

£79.99 exc VAT / £95.99 inc

Replacement Scooter Battery 12V 36Ah

£69.99 exc VAT / £83.99 inc

Scooter Backpack Bag

£16.99 exc VAT / £20.39 inc

Scooter Backpack Bag With Holder by Drive DeVilbiss

£22.99 exc VAT / £27.59 inc

Scooter Storage Cover Medium

£44.99 exc VAT / £53.99 inc

Scooter Storage Cover Small

£39.99 exc VAT / £47.99 inc

Storage Bag – Scooter Handle Bar Storage by Drive DeVilbiss

£15.99 exc VAT / £19.19 inc

Threshold Door Ramp 100cm

£84.99 exc VAT / £101.99 inc

Threshold Door Ramp 80cm

£74.99 exc VAT / £89.99 inc

Your Essential Guide to Mobility Scooter Accessories

Mobility Scooter Accessories really help you get the most out of your trips out.  Mobility Scooters are a great source of freedom, enabling millions of people to be out and about to enjoy their daily lives in a world that quite often requires walking makes them an invaluable asset for anyone who has difficulty with their mobility.


Making The Most Of Your Mobile Life

As great as your scooter is, you may have noticed that it was a little light on accessories when it was first delivered. Whilst this can be a little disappointing, it does offer us the opportunity to buy the accessories that exactly fit our needs. The amount of helpful items you can add to your scooter is quite extensive, so here we break down some of the popular choices from our customers that they marked as great helpful additions.

Lady in a Mobility scooter with accessories in a bar enjoying a drink with friends

Essential Mobility Scooter Accessories


Auto Chair Boot Hoist Ideal for loading and unloading your mobility scooter in to your vehicle
Spare Battery Extend your scooters range – travel twice the distance
Support Cushions Travel in style and comfort – your derrière will thank you
Scooter Backpacks A stylish way to carry everything you need
Storage Covers Keep your scooter safe from the elements
Threshold Door Ramps Improve your access to your property


Not everything on this list will be needed by everyone right away, but these are some good starter options to be going on with.  We feel that anything that can make your mobility scooter more functional and also personalised to you and your needs is a great help for when you are out on your travels.

How to lift your mobility scooter into your vehicle

View of the back of a car showing a car scooter hoist and a folded mobility scooter

One of the best ways to load your mobility scooter into your car is to us a Autochair boot Hoist.


Not every trip out is a local one, and often you will want to head out further afield on your travels.  Getting into the car can sometimes be a challenge, but what about the scooter?  You definitely want to be mobile when you get to our destination.


Luckily there are tools that will help load your scooter into your car for the journey.  An Auto Boot Hoist is the perfect equipment for loading and unloading the scooter into a vehicle.  They fit most cars that have a hatchback, which means that you don’t have to get a specialised car to transport your scooter.


Easy to use, the Autochair Boot Hoists range has 3 different products that cater for different products and weights, from wheelchairs to bigger, heavier mobility scooters.


List of mobility scooter boot lifts and their capacity in KG


Smart Lifter

LM Range

Lifts 40kg  to 80kg

Best lifter for wheelchairs and boot scooters

Fully automated lifting function. 

Smart Lifter

LC Range

Lifts 80kg to 100kg

Ideal for heavier wheelchairs and smaller mobility scooters 

Smart Lifter

LP Range

125kg, 150kg and 200kg boot hoists

Capable of hoisting all mobility scooters, wheelchairs and power chairs.

Operates automatically at the touch of a button.

The Smart Lifter Range from Autochair fits over 300 vehicles and employs a ‘one touch loading’ system for simple ease of use and can be easily detached to save space when not in use.

eFoldi Accessories – Make The Most Of Your Mobility Scooter

eFoldi Accessories are a great way to maximize the potential and enjoyment of you eFoldi Scooter. eFoldi Accessories are practical additions that you can make to your scooter that can really make a difference when you are traveling out and about.

Some eFoldi Accessories include:

1. eFOLDi 1.5 FarReach 24V 12AH Li-ion Battery
2. eFOLDi 1.5 Scooter Fast Charger 5 Amp
3. eFOLDi Comfort Cushion for 1.5mk & Lite
4. eFOLDi Lite Handle Bar Storage Case
5. eFOLDi Lite Tiller Cover

eFoldi Accessories provide your scooter with extra range via a spare battery, extra storage space with the handle bar storage case and protection with the tilt cover. To find out more about these products and other offerings that we have in stock for the eFoldi range, call our team today for a friendly, helpful chat.

The best mobility scooter seating accessories to help you stay comfortable


Cushions for Mobility Scooters are a great accessory to help improve your ride. Out of the box, mobility scooters are quite comfortable, but as most users spend a lot of time out and about on their scooters, they sometimes need a little bit more comfort to ease the ride. 

Purpose made support cushions are available for use with mobility scooters to provide that comfort.  When choosing a cushion you ideally want one that will achieve the following:

  1. Help with seated posture.
  2. Relieve pressure on your coccyx.
  3. Provide a comfortable seating area. 
  4. Is water resistant incase of rain.
  5. Is portable.

When sitting for a long time it is easy to slip into a posture that will lead to back ache.  Having a cushion that not only gives back support, but also has a cut out at the back of the cushion to provide coccyx relief is a real plus point.  The cushion needs not only to be comfortable, but also water resistant incase you get caught by an unexpected rain shower; there is nothing worse than sitting on a soggy cushion.  If the cushion is good for long periods on your scooter then maybe it will be good for other seats, so make sure it’s easy to carry for when you have finished with your scooter.

Mobility scooter accessories showing a cushion seat on an mobility scooter

The Harlin 2-way sculptured support cushion ticks all of the above points with ease.  You can choose either a nodular foam coating on one side or turn it over for a flat cushion.  Made for comfort it comes with a back supporting cushion along with the important coccyx cut out that will ensure relief for your lower back.  British weather approved, it’s not only water proof, but light enough to be easily carried and even comes with its own built in carry handle.  If you are looking for greater comfort on your scooter or just regular chairs, this may be the cushion for you.

How to extend the range of your scooter.

Senior woman on motor scooter on urban street, talking on mobile phone

The best way to extend the range of your scooter is to invest in an extra battery.

The freedom that a mobility scooter provides has undoubtedly been life changing for some people, but one of the first questions that anyone who has used a scooter asks is ‘how far can I go before I have to recharge the battery?’  Unfortunately, this is a tough question to answer as there are many variables to take into consideration, such as the user’s weight, are they driving in a hilly environment or mainly flat?  How much baggage are they carrying and how heavy is it?


Your range could be as low as 15 miles, but if all the variables are favorable you may get into the mid 20’s before needing to plug in.  For some, this may be more than enough.  As long as you remember to recharge regularly there should be no problem.

Mobility scooter accessory - an extra battery for a mobility scooter

There are those though,  who need to achieve more distance; either for their job or just because they love being out and about.  Luckily mobility scooter batteries can be swapped out when they are low and a spare fully charged one slotted into place (just make sure you swap out before going fully flat as this can damage the battery) which will effectively double your range.


Once you are traveling in your local area, you will know what your average range will be and what your minimum safe ‘return to home’ charge is.  If this range is not enough to get you through your driving day or you feel it’s a good idea to carry a spare just in case of unforeseen problems, then investing a spare battery might be the way to go.

Check out our Flex Folding Scooter batteries and our HW009 folding scooter batteries.  Go further and stay out longer; sometimes you can be having too much fun to go home.

Mobility scooter accessories – different types of scooter backpacks

Mobility scooter backpacks can really improve your carrying capacity.

If you are the type of person who likes to go shopping on your mobility scooter, then you may have noticed that some scooters can be quite lacking when it comes to boot space.  Having good carrying space is always beneficial, whether it’s for shopping or because you have things you need to carry on a regular basis.  Luckily we have an elegant solution.

This is where a good scooter backpack can come to the rescue.  

We have 2 spacious backpacks in our store at the moment.  

  1. The Scooter Backpack Bag is great for small to medium sized scooters that have no headrests.  It’s strong, waterproof and spacious having dimensions of 16” x 14” X 3” ideal for light shopping.
  2. Our Scooter Backpack with holder (walking cane/umbrella) if for mobility scooters that have a head rest.  It’s sturdy and waterproof with a flexible lifting handle and has a holding space of 12” X 20” X 5.5”

With these great looking scooter backpacks there is no need to be juggling shopping bags on your ride home.

Mobility scooter showing backpack accessories

How to protect your mobility scooter with a storage cover accessory

Mobility Scooter Accessory cover shown covering a scooter

Our Mobility scooter storage cover will help protect your scooter from the weather.

Many people who house their scooter in their home, garage or shed still find a need for a mobility scooter storage cover.  

Scooter storage covers are not just to protect your scooter from the elements.  They are great to carry with you just in case you have to park up and leave your scooter alone.  They provide not only weather proofing but also a measure of security as it will keep your scooter enclosed  and repel casual opportunist thieves who may steal items off your scooter or from vandals wishing to do harm.

If you store your scooter in a shed or garage overnight that has a window, a cover can keep it safe from unwanted prying eyes.  Thieves are less likely to break into a property if they are not 100% sure of the item they are about to steal.

And ofcourse, a good quality storage cover will keep the rain and snow from damaging your scooter, even if you are forced to leave it outside overnight.

Our Scooter storage covers are of a simple design that make them easy to fit and remove and are easy to fold away when you are not using it.  They are made to fit nearly all small to mid class 1-2 scooters and have a width of 60cm, a length of 125cm and a height of 110cm.  Check them out here and protect your scooter today.

Mobility Scooter accessories to help you with building access – threshold door ramps

picture of door ramp mobility scooter accessories

Portable door ramps are a scooter accessory that allows you easy access anywhere.

Of all the places that need to be the most accessible, your home has to be one of the most important.   Sadly most homes in the uk have not been made to be wheelchair / mobility scooter friendly and they have threshold steps in their entrance doorways.

Here at Assurance Mobility, we have a solution to this access problem in the form of Threshold Door Ramps.  These lightweight ramps are made from a non-slip aluminium checker plate that is rust and stain resistant.  Each ramp has a complement of anti slip pads that help keep the ramp in place and also protect your floors.  They are light and portable, so if you know you are visiting a venue which may pose a problem, you can take them with you and negate the access problems.

Our threshold door ramps are narrow enough to fit nearly all doorways, can hold a weight of 42 stone and come in enough size varieties to provide a solution for nearly everyone who needs access to non wheelchair friendly buildings.

Ideal for home and on the move – take your access with you!

All our products come with free UK delivery and VAT is also available at checkout.

If you need further assistance with any of our Mobility Scooter Accessories please do call the Assurance Mobility team on  0161 639 0104 or use our simple Contact Form by Clicking Here.