bathroom grab rail with step on a white background

Bathroom Grab Rails

Bathroom grab rails are steadying rails that help a person keep their balance and aid mobility when moving around their bathroom. Bathroom grab rails are typically used to help people getting in and out of the bath and on and off the toilet.

Some grab rails are ideal for maintaining balance, where others are weight bearing and help the user to maneuver themselves into a comfortable position. Bathroom grab rails can be positioned with either suction cups (ideal for balance) or be permanently attached to the wall (ideal for weight bearing). Some rails are portable and free standing and are a great solution that can be moved from room to room as needed.

Shower Grab Rail

Shower grab rails are placed inside the shower cubicle and provide stability for anyone who is living with reduced balance and mobility. Shower grab rails with suction cups are ideal for this and can easily be repositioned until the ideal place and angle is found. Add a shower chair into your cubicle for an ideal relaxing showering experience.

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