Self propelled wheelchair with a black seat and purple tubing frame

Self Propelled Wheelchairs

Self propelled wheelchairs are designed to have their locomotion provided by the user and not an electric motor or another person.

Self propelled wheelchairs have 2 large wheels to the back of the chair that the user grips with their hands and pushes down to provide forward movement. These chairs are best suited for people who are in good health who also have a strong upper body; range and speed are limited only by your own strength and stamina - you are the engine for your chair.

Foldable And Lightweight

Nearly all self propelled wheelchairs are foldable for the ease of storing and transporting in a vehicle. Their lightweight form factor makes them easy to lift and maneuver into position by the user before becoming seated. The light weight also helps with daily use, reducing the amount of effort needed to achieve forward motion.

We Deliver Your Self Propelled Wheelchair UK Wide

We have self propelled wheelchairs for sale with UK wide delivery. Same day dispatch comes as standard as we aim to get you up and rolling in your new chair as soon as possible. Unsure which wheelchair best suits your needs? Give us a call on 0161-639-0104 and we will gladly talk you through your options to make sure you get exactly the right chair for you.

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