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    Uccello Tipping Kettle | Easy Tilt To Pour Kettle

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    Uccello Tipping Kettle | Easy Tilt To Pour Kettle

    The Uccello Kettle has been specifically designed for those with limited reach, mobility, dexterity or strength. The Uccello tipping kettle promotes self-sufficiency for those who need a little help pouring hot drinks in the kitchen. It boasts a modern look that goes great with its outstanding ease of use and practicality.
    Unlike other tipping kettles, the circular shape of the Uccello kettle body moves around the body of water to create a smooth effortless pour, so you don’t have to lift, strain or balance – simply tilt to pour!
    The Uccello Tipping Kettle delivers hot water safely and steadily, every time.
    • Ergonomic handle Provides stable grip for the tilt-to-pour action of the kettle
    • Removable Body The kettle body can be removed from the rotating cradle and used as the average kettle should you prefer it. It is made safer with 4 non-slip rubber feet
    • Rotating base The base is weighted and comes with its own 4 non-slip rubber feet for added safety
    • Easy to read water level indicator Min 0.5 litres to a Max of 1.5 litre
    • Clearly defined power on light Power button will auto shut off once the water reaches boiling
    • Easy touch lid No more pulling or lifting when opening the kettle. The Uccello Kettle needs the lightest of touch when opening and closing.
    • Hinged Lid The lid is hinged and stands up when open to make filling easier.
    • Wide opening The large opening makes filling the kettle easy whether it be from the tap or with a jug
    • Various Styles Available The Uccello Tipping Kettle comes in 4 colour options (black & white, red & white, all black and all white) so there is a kettle for every kitche

    Key Features

    • Effortless Pouring: The circular design of the Uccello kettle body effortlessly navigates around the water, enabling a smooth, strain-free pour.
    • Safe and Steady: Say goodbye to the worry of unpredictable pours, the Uccello Tipping Kettle consistently delivers hot water safely, every time.


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    From £58.99 exc VAT
    £70.79 inc VAT
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