walkikng trolly with wheels, handles and breaks sporting beige trays.

Walking Trolleys

Walking trolleys are trays on wheels with supporting handles that enable the safe and easy movement of items whilst assisting with the user's balance.

Walking trolleys are ideal for anyone who has trouble moving around or has balance issues. Carrying hot food or drinks or any items may be a cause for concern, but with a walking trolley, food and drinks can be placed on the trays for easy transport. As an added bonus, the supporting rails or handles on the trolley help the user maintain their balance as they walk.

Trolley On Wheels

A trolley on wheels helps with transporting items and food and they also have detachable trays for easy cleaning. It is also possible to remove the bottom tray and use the top tray as a place setting for eating, allowing the user's food to be rolled into position with minimal fuss.

Our trolleys on wheels are height adjustable allowing you to set them so they fit your needs perfectly. Some of our trolleys have handles and breaks so you can lock the trolley in place for extra stability.

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