Health Care Commodes

Commodes are a purpose built chair that looks like a normal piece of furniture but has a built in toilet hidden beneath it’s seat. This is an ideal solution for anyone living with a disability or who is finding it difficult to reach their bathroom due to mobility issues. Commodes do not require plumbing which makes them highly portable and can be placed in any room with ease giving you worry free access exactly where you need it.

Commodes are not just used in the home, many medical facilities such as hospitals or retirement homes use commodes for their day to day operation when caring for patients or residents. The convenience of a portable toilet is a great asset when caring for people who are recovering from an illness or operation in a hospital environment. Commodes provide a dignified solution to the practical problem of allowing the patient the ability to use the toilet with the minimal amount of pain and discomfort.

Different Types Of Commodes

Static Commodes

A static commode is a chair that has not been built with portability in mind. Whilst like any chair it can be moved from room to room, static commodes tend to look like a normal piece of furniture that has a permanent place in the home and can easily be mistaken for an everyday chair.

Static commodes come in a variety of different styles and are built for comfort and have padded cushions for long term use.

Wicker commode chair with black cushion seat
Folding commode chair with black steel frame and gray armrests

Folding Commodes

Folding commodes are made for easy storage and are usually only brought out when needed. Compact, lightweight and practical, these chairs can be quickly unfolded when required and their small folded size make them ideal for taking with you on a trip.

Sometimes it’s just not convenient to have a static commode, maybe due to limited space, or the need to travel a lot. Folding commodes are a great option that many see as practical with no need to change their rooms to accommodate the new piece of furniture.

Wheeled Commodes

Wheeled commodes are ideal for those needing indoor transport who would also like the convenience of an instant toilet facility. Perfectly suited for home, medical facility or care home, wheeled commodes allow the flexibility of easy movement and placement. Soft padded cushions ensure comfort when used as a normal chair which can be removed for easy access to the toilet facility.

The wheeled commode is easy to use as a porterage chair, helping private users and healthcare professionals to transport their charges with ease.

Wheeled commode - dark metal frame with black seat

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