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8 MPH Scooters

8 MPH scooters are ideal for anyone who wants to go further afield. Built with the road in mind, but also suitable for pavement use, our 8 mph scooters can get you to your destination in comfort and safety. Travel in style on both road to pavement, but remember to reduce your speed to 4 mph when using your scooter on the pavement. Just like a car some of our scooters have suspension to help with uneven and bumpy roads and pavements.

8 MPH Scooters UK Legal Road Requirements

Our 8 mph scooters UK legal road requirements are met; all our 8 mph scooters are all Class 3 vehicles and sport many of the required road going legal requirements of a car such as lights, indicators, hazard lights, mirrors and a horn. Being class 3 vehicles, road legal scooters must be registered with the DVLA using the V55/4 for new vehicles form, or the V55/5 for used vehicles form. You can drive a class 3 mobility scooter from the age of 14 and no driving licence is required.

Enjoy the freedom of the open road, but be aware that you cannot use your class 3 mobility scooter on a motorway, bike lanes or bus lanes.

Class 3 Mobility Scooters Insurance Requirements

Cass 3 mobility scooters do not require road insurance to be legally driven on the road in the UK.

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