hands of a senior woman on the handles of a tri walker

Our Tri Walker range is lightweight, foldable, has a built in basket & some have a seat. A Tri Walker gives you stability around your house & town.

Tri Wheel Walker

A Tri Wheel Walker is an excellent walking aid using three wheels. The 3 wheel setup of a tri wheel walker will keep you steady as you walk. If you are finding that you are not as steady on your feet as you once were, and you feel like you would like a little help with your balance and maybe support as you walk, then a tri walker is a great option.

Tri Wheel Walkers (or Tri Walkers as they more often called) are of a light weight design and easy to maneuver.

Aidapt Tri Walker With Bag, Basket And Tray

£59.99 exc VAT / £71.99 inc

Days Healthcare Lightweight Tri Walker With Bag – Blue


Days Healthcare Lightweight Tri Walker With Bag – Purple

£79.99 exc VAT / £95.99 inc

Days Healthcare Lightweight Tri Walker With Bag – Quartz

£79.99 exc VAT / £95.99 inc

Days Healthcare Lightweight Tri Walker With Bag – Red

£79.99 exc VAT / £95.99 inc

Days Lightweight Tri Walker With Bag – Graphite Black

£79.99 exc VAT / £95.99 inc

Days Lightweight Tri Walker With Bag – Russett Orange

£79.99 exc VAT / £95.99 inc

Days Lightweight Tri Walker With Bag, Basket And Tray – Purple

£99.99 exc VAT / £119.99 inc

Drive DeVilbiss Blue Tri Walker with Seat

£112.99 exc VAT / £135.59 inc

Drive DeVilbiss Tri Walker with Push Down Brakes

£49.99 exc VAT / £59.99 inc

Red Tri Walker with Seat by Drive DeVilbiss

£99.99 exc VAT / £119.99 inc

Spare Basket & Tray For Tri Walkers

£15.99 exc VAT / £19.19 inc

Steel Tri Walker With Bag, Basket & Tray


Tri – Walker Replacement Bag

£16.99 exc VAT / £20.39 inc

Tri Walker With Bag


Ultra Lightweight Tri Walker With Bag Blue Flame

£59.99 exc VAT / £71.99 inc

Ultra Lightweight Tri Walker With Bag Red Flame

£59.99 exc VAT / £71.99 inc
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Is A Tri Walker The Right Choice For You?

Each person has different requirements when it comes to their walking aids. Some may need weight bearing stability to enable them to walk, whilst others might be fine with walking and only need a little help with their balance as they go along.

Let’s have a look at what’s on offer and see if a Tri Walker is the right choice for you.

The Walker

Traditionally a Walker (or walking frame as it is sometimes known) is an aluminium frame that is designed to let the user lean their full weight upon it to help with stability as they walk. As the walking frame is a full weight walking aid, it does not have wheels and is designed to be picked up by the user and placed back down again to move forward, allowing the user to place their weight upon it as they walk.Because it has to be picked up and put back down again to walk, the weight of the walker is very important; the lighter the better, so a walking frame is made of aluminium and has no extra features such as seats or carrying baskets.

Walking Frame:

  • Light aluminium construction.
  • Four Sturdy legs to Support the users weight.
  • Must be picked up and set back down again to walk forward.
  • Does not come with a seat.
  • Does not come with a basket or storage compartment.
  • Mainly used indoors but can be used outside.


A walking frame is best suited for people who are unstable on their feet and need something to rest their full weight upon to aid walking and who are not expecting to walk far. A walking frame is ideal for use around the home.

The Rollator

Rollators (sometimes called ‘4 wheeled walkers’) are a variation on the walking frame, but instead of rubber feet at the end of each leg, they have a wheel. A rollator is not designed to be a weight bearing walker. Rollators are made of aluminium and are height adjustable so users are able to set their wheeled walkers up for maximum walking comfort.

As a rollator does not have to be lifted to move forward, the frame can hold quality of life additions like a seat and storage area without impeding its useability.


  • Light aluminium construction.
  • Has 4 wheels.
  • Breaking & wheel locking handles.
  • Storage / carrying compartment.
  • Some Tri Walkers have a built-in seat.
  • Can be folded for storage and transportation.
  • Easy to use – does not have to be lifted to walk.
Blue R8 Rollator With Height Adjustable Seat

If you like to walk in and out of the home and do not need a weight bearing frame to help you get around, then a Rollator might be a good choice for you. Rollators are ideally suited to those people who don’t need their frame to be weight bearing, but would like the extra stability that a 4 wheel setup provides when aiding their balance.

Tri Walker

A Tri Walker ( or tri wheeled walker) has many of the features of a Rollator. It is light, easy to maneuver and does not have to be lifted when walking. Tri walkers can be height adjusted for user comfort and sport bicycle-like handle grips to hold onto when walking that have a leaver braking system similar to a bike that can also be pushed down to lock the tri waker into place. Locking the triwaker in place is important if you are going to be stepping away for a few moments or you would like to utilise the tri walkers seat for a quick rest or just to relax to enjoy your surroundings.

Features Include:

  • Light aluminium frame.
  • Height Adjustable.
  • Three Wheel Setup.
  • Breaking & wheel locking handles.
  • Storage / carrying compartment.
  • Some Tri Walkers have a built-in seat.
  • Easy to use – does not have to be lifted to walk.
  • Can be folded into a small unit (smaller than a rollator) for storage and transport.
  • Is very maneuverable due to its 3 wheel setup.

Tri Walkers are the best option for people who are still fairly confident with their walking, who don’t require the extra stability of a rollator, but who would like just a little help with their balance when out and about. Tri walkers are much more nimble to steer due to their 3 wheel setup, and are less bulky than a rollator, making them much easier to use when walking around shops or busy places. The tri walker’s storage basket is an excellent addition, especially for anyone who may find it difficult to carry items in a traditional way, such as a bag or rucksack; shopping around town just got easier!

Tri Walker With A Seat

A Tri Walker with a seat is quite common and seats are a great boon for when you need to take the weight off, though not all tri walkers have a seat.. If a built in seat is important to you, please make sure the tri walker you are looking to purchase has one built in, it will be listed under the walkers features on the purchase page.

An example of an ultra lightweight tri walker with seat can be seen here. This tri wheel walker also has a pair of side pockets for all of your essentials.

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Folding Your Tri Walker

A Tri Waker comes with an easy fold mechanism which is easy to learn and easy to master. Each tri walker’s folding system is different but all are quick to use when both opening and folding your 3 wheel walker.

Once collapsed and folded, a tri walker can be stored in the boot of a car or hatchback compartment, and because of it’s aluminium frame, the walker can be easily lifted in and out of your vehicle.

You may not need to use your walker so much around the home, so being able to fold your tri walker down is a real boon and a great space saver.

Tri Walker Steering & Brakes

elderly man walking with a Tri Walker on the beach

There is always the chance when using anything with wheels that it might just get it’s own ideas about speed and try to run away from you. Tri Walkers are no different, though luckily they do have a built in braking system to make sure you keep your walker at a comfortable speed when walking down hill. For anyone who has ridden a bicycle the brakes on a 3 wheeled walker will seem very familiar, as will the handlebar type handles you hold onto when walking.

Pulling the brakes up will slow your forward momentum, but pushing the breaks down will cause them to lock the wheels in place, putting your walker into park mode. A simple pull up on the brakes will release your wheels so you can carry on walking.

Buying Your Tri Walker

Buying your tri walker could not be easier – you can either order directly from our online shop, or you can ring us directly here at Assurance Mobility to place your order. If you have any questions about your chosen tri walker or just tri walkers in general, give us a call and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have: 0161 639 0104

Give us a call today and we will soon have you boulevarding in style!