• Robooter E40 | Smart wheelchair

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    Robooter E40 | Smart wheelchair

    The Smart Electric Wheelchair, Robooter E40, promises premium performance and the ultimate user experience. This sleek, indoor, foldable electric wheelchair for the elderly and disabled effortlessly combines performance, portability, and style. 

    Designed for daily use, the Robooter E40 features comfortable leg space and a small turning radius for easy manoeuvrability. 

    Powered by a robust 20Ah lithium-ion battery, this motor wheelchair covers an impressive 23 km on a single charge. Its lightweight design makes it the ideal mobility aid for transportation in cars, aeroplanes, and more, guaranteeing a smooth ride on various floor surfaces.

    The features of this impressive electric mobility chair include: 

    • Ergonomic seat
    • Remote control movement via downloadable app
    • Novice mode
    • Equipped with a 10-inch obstacle-crossing full front wheel for easy navigation over potholes and small steps
    • Cruise control
    • 20Ah lithium battery providing a cruising mileage of 30km (optional airline-safe 10Ah battery pack available)
    • Slim design
    • Honeycomb PU front tires
    • Rear pneumatic tires
    • Removable seat cover for easy cleaning
    • Flip-up armrests
    • Easily switch between electric and manual modes
    • Built-in armrest torch light
    • Large, easy-to-use joystick
    • Spacious under-seat storage basket
    • Available in white or aqua green
    • Easy manual folding
    • Seat back integral storage
    From £2,495.00 exc VAT
    £2,994.00 inc VAT
  • Robooter X40 | Omni Directional Wheels for Ultimate Mobility

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    Robooter X40 | Omni Directional Wheels for Ultimate Mobility

    Introducing the Smart Electric Wheelchair, Robooter X40. This cutting-edge electric wheelchair for disabled and elderly customers is engineered to navigate various terrains effortlessly for a consistently comfortable ride. 

    As an award-winning electric mobility wheelchair, the Robooter X40 effortlessly integrates advanced technology to offer smooth and convenient mobility aid.

    Standout features of these smart powered wheelchairs include: 

    • Integrated frame system
    • Dual suspension springs for strong support
    • Front omni directional wheels for precise turning
    • Robust rear tires
    • Large rear light
    • Comfortable 3D air seat
    • Memory foam cushion
    • Manual folding/Remote folding using app
    • Climbs over 45mm obstacles effortlessly
    • Handles various terrains
    • Powerful technology with iOS or Android app
    • Novice mode for beginners
    • Cruise control
    • Off-board charging
    • 20Ah lithium battery for 25km mileage
    • Slim design
    • Seat belt
    • Easy-control joystick
    Original price was: £4,295.00.Current price is: £3,495.00.
    £3,495.00 exc VAT
    £4,194.00 inc VAT